Consulting Services

Robert W. Smith, Ph.D., J.D., provides land use, environmental, labor market, regional, economic development, and workforce development support to lawyers, advocates, and policymakers.  Dr. Smith is versatile in many aspects of organizational and program management across subject matter areas and has 20 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations and government agencies.  Among the services available for consulting are:

Collaborative Project Management

Provide support, facilitation, and follow-through on projects and initiatives requiring multi-stakeholder collaboration.  A one-stop backbone agency for your collective impact collaboration.

Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

Thought partnership and management for developing innovative new programs or reforming existing underperforming ones.  Years of experience developing and reforming programs in the public and nonprofit sectors and a reputation for innovation and multidisciplinary approaches. Developing programs with incorporating accountability measures in up front to make evaluation not just easier, but as an essential component of the program during implementation rather than as an afterthought.

Policy Development

Work with staff to turn research and program ideas into a policy agenda.  Can create the agenda, develop a workshop to teach your staff to do so, or both.  Can develop policy and legislation to address organizational/collaboration/campaign goals.